Samsung Smart Window – The Ultimate Display for the Nosey Neighbour

Samsung Smart WindowSamusung has brought many a wonderous thing to CES but it’s the Smart Window that has given me a glimpse in to the future.

Samsung has been showing off their new Transparent Smart Window, which, as the name suggests, is transparent – which is always a bonus as far as windows go.

OK, so that’s the ‘transparent’ and ‘window’ parts of the name sort but just how ‘smart’ is it? Well, the LCD panel works just like your regular computer display, apart from the ability to see straight through it.

This means that you can check out your favourite websites whilst waving at your neighbour. I can’t really see the point in having a weather widget on the Smart Window if you’re looking out at the weather at the same time – but, that’s probably just me.

The 22-inch panel runs at a resolution of 1680 x 1050 with a 500:1 contrast ratio. Regular LCDs are only 5% transparent, whereas Samsung’s new panels increase that to 15-20%.

Perhaps replacing your domestic windows with this new tech is a bit of a non-starter, however, the office where I have my day job has glass-walled meeting rooms and I could so see this kind of gadgetry replacing whiteboards, flip-charts and projectors when it becomes available.

Would you welcome this into your office?

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