Samsung Show – The First Real Projector Phone

show-optionsLooking for a pocketable projector that also doubles up as a touchscreen phone?

The Samsung Show touchscreen projector phone may not actually be the first projector phone out there, but it is the first one that isn’t a prototype, and comes from a known name.

The bad news is that it’s a Korea-only phone (it gets shipped next month) and according to Gearlog’s Sascha Segan no one seems to know much about it.


What is known is pretty positive though.

The blower runs on Samsung’s TouchWiz UI, can project any of the visual media stored on the phone and DMB-T mobile TV signals, or will work as a torch.

Segan says Samsung reps promise more details soon.

There’s more pics on Gearlog, or take a peek at CrunchGear’s video below.



 Gearlog and CrunchGear