Samsung S 2 Hits 3 million Sales Celebrates with Windows Mango [Galaxy S 2]

What do you do when you manage to sell 3 million handsets? You plan to sell the same ones with a different operating system! Well, you do if you are Samsung and are feeling smug about the sales of your Galaxy S II mobile phone.

Samsung’s skinny blower seems to be very popular with the Google fraternity and now it appears that there’s a new version of the smash-hit Samsung Galaxy S II in the works.

A Mango-flavoured version of the S II has been spotted under the name Samsung SGH-i917 in the listings of the people in charge of Bluetooth. You see, the Galaxy S II is also known as the SGH-i927.

The very same listing says that this mystery Sammy is rockin with Windows Phone Mango – the up and coming update to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 mobile software.

If you fancy the sound of a Super AMOLED screen, a very slim body housing a dual-core 1.2GHz processor but want it to be running WinPho7 – then, soon, you may well be in luck!

Samsung has already slipped Windows Phone into the Omnia 7, which for all intents and purposes is a Galaxy S powered by Windows instead of Google’s Android OS.

I for one was impressed with the Mango update which adds multitasking support and a whole bunch more. Windows seems to be gathering a fan-base with Nokia jumping on-board too. We should see the outcome of that little get together in London this October.

Other rumours around the popular Samsung phone includes word of an ‘S II Plus’ which features a 1.4GHz processor!

Windows or Android – which would be your preference on the S II?

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