Samsung Release Camera’s For Facebook Self-Portraiture

samsungst550_2Samsung added the very useful GPS to its ST1000 – I’m cool with that and it makes sense.

So, why have Samsung in their infinite wisdom slapped a haptic feedback enhanced touchscreen to the front of the new Samsung ST500 and ST550?

Yup, as well as the usual live screen on the back, these new cameras feature a small touchscreen at the front. This screen shows shooting information but will also allow you to compose pictures of yourself by simply tapping the screen.

Welcome to the ideal digital camera for the lonely MySpace/Facebook users that enjoy taking pics of themselves that enhance the chest area and of endless pouty close-ups.

Both cameras are armed with a 12.2 megapixel sensor and a decent-sized 4.6x optical zoom for when the camera is being used for things other than self-portraits. They both shoot 720p HD video.

The main thing that separates them is that the ST500 has a 76mm (3 inch) touchscreen on the back, and the ST550 is packing the 89mm (3.5 inch) display.

There’s no pricing or release info that I can find as yet but these cameras can only make Facebook and Myspace a less blurry and better framed placed 🙂

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