Samsung Reclaim – The Most Eco-Friendly Mobile Phone

samusng reclaimThe Stateside mobile operator Sprint has just announced what could quite possibly be the most eco-friendly blower yet.

The Samsung Reclaim is a QWERTY slider and is made from 80% recyclable materials, including bioplastics – it’s even painted green just in case you’re not convinced of its credentials!

Other than the paint the green continues in the lack of a paper manual, soy-based ink on the recyclable (of course) packaging and a donation to a land conservation charity with every purchase.

All of that should get you eating lentils and hugging-trees by the time you have the thing charged up and ready to call 🙂

If being kind to the environment is not enough the price may tempt those that like to take care of themselves as well.

It costs a tempting $50 (£30) with a two-year contract when it comes out on August 16th.

For that you get a 3G mobile with a 2 megapixel camera, GPS, Bluetooth 2.0 and expandable storage.

It’s exclusive to Sprint at the moment but this may be the way forward – of course shipping these over would have to be done in a completely carbon neutral way else the whole thing may become a pointless exercise 😉

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