Samsung Q900R 8K TV price and availability

Samsung’s Q900R 8K HDR TV now has a UK release date and price.

We have been aware of Samsung’s 8K TV ambitions for a while now. However, actual physical proof appeared at this year’s IFA show in Berlin. Of course, we were there and suitably impressed.

The details at IFA confirmed that the range is called Q900R 8K QLED, and comprises screens of 65-inch and above. We also heard that it will be available in the UK by mid-October.

Q900R 8K TV on-sale date and prices

q900R 8K HDR TV

The Q900R QLED TVs will be the first 8K TVs to hit UK shelves and available for pre-order from right now. You will then be able to have one sat in prime position in your living room two weeks later on Wednesday 17th.

Samsung has also revealed that pricing starts at £4,999 for the 65-inch variant, with the 75-inch model coming in at £6,999. You want more? Well, there’s an 85-inch version too. There’s no confirmed pricing for the 8K beast, but I have heard whisperings of £14,999.

Pre-order is open now, so will you be jumping in?