Samsung NX100 Makes Surprise Guest Appearance on Nat Geo

OoOoOooooooo……… Looks like Samsung has something ready to flash real soon.

If you’re looking at offerings from Sony, Olympus and Panasonic and you’re still not sure perhaps Sammy has something for you.

Samsung’s NX100 has made a surprise guest appearance at the end of a new National Geographic promo video.

The video was uploaded on August 5th and has now been dragged back from whence it came.

The word on the street is that the cheeky white camera on the right amongst this family gathering is the NX100 – the new addition to Sammy’s NX line of interchangeable lens cameras.

From this one screen grab it would be foolish to guess what lies beneath it’s saintly garb – needless to say that the full juicy details will be outed at Photokina 😉

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