Samsung Note 6 S Pen stand leaked

Samung note 6 s pen stand patentThe Samsung Note 6 S Pen stand could well be a thing. Well, that’s according to the latest rumours.

Following on from the news that we in the UK could well be getting the Note 6 instead of the Galaxy S7 Edge+ it sounds as though the whispers are getting louder.

In this latest teaser it looks like the S Pen-enabled phablet will give the stylus accessory an extra role in life this year.

Thanks to the US Patent and Trademark Office, a recently registered application has appeared for a bendy new S Pen.

When the S Pen is bent into the stand position, a lock engages inside the slot so you don’t have to worry about it falling out.

Once you bend the stylus back into its pen mode, the lock disengages, and you can slip the S Pen all the way back in for storage or start scribbling away with it.

samsung note 6 s pen stand designThere’s actually a use for this newly acquired flexibility too – once it’s locked in an half-arched position, the writing and drawing utensil becomes something else entirely.

Something you might be able to use to prop up the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, and comfortably watch video content on.

True, this might be a fairly basic stand but we all love multipurpose accouterments though, right?.

As it’s currently conceived, the stylus/kickstand hybrid should add absolutely no bulk to the compatible device, unlike all those third-party protective covers.

This new twist on the Sammy stylus may also be a popular choice if Samsung decided to go ahead and make all Galaxy devices stylus-friendly.

Samsung filed this patent in the third quarter of 2015, but the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office didn’t publish the application until this year.

We’re not certain when this feature may be making its way to commercial products, but it is definitely a creative and innovate use of the S Pen.

Are you excited about the Samsung Note 6 S Pen stand hybrid?