Samsung N310 Netbook Kills Germs: Dead!

Samsung’s latest 10-inch netbook looks kinda cool but what seperates it from the rest of the market is the fact that it will kill bacteria!

The N310 has been designed by the award-winning Naoto Fukasawa and I think it has ended up a bit of a love or hate style.

Cool, fun and funky or cartoony and quickly dated? Let me know 😉

It offers a frameless 10-inch screen and “pebble design” keyboard which, according to Samsung, is 93 per cent of the size of a regular desktop board so will give you some easy typing.

The N310 weighs in at 1.2kg with a four-cell battery dishing out up to 5 hours without having to mainline leccy!

You’ll get it with Windows XP Home Edition and the other bits n bobs include a 160GB hard drive, a 1.3-megapixel camera and a three-in-one memory card reader and three USB ports with the option of Bluetooth.

And now for the science bit!

The N310 is also packing “the latest medical technology” that covers the keys with a “special finish” that makes it “almost impossible for bacteria to live and breed”.

Yup, you can safely lick your board – if you so wish.

The N310 will be available in May but no word on price yet.

I bet you can’t wait to get your grubby little mits on one!