Samsung Might Actually Make Transparent AMOLED Screened Laptop

Remember that see-through lap top that was spotted at CES at the start of this year?

Well, it seems that those hi-tech sci-fi films and scenes in the likes of CSI, could well be coming to a laptop near you!

Of course, the Samsung transparent screen concept is incredibly cool but honestly; when tapping away at your puter do you ever long to stare at the wall or at the cat that’s sleeping behind your screen?

The concept would be great for head-up displays (HUD’s) in cars or motorcycle helmet visors but on a regular puter?

I guess if they can make huuuuuuuuuge screens that can form a part of meeting rooms, etc then that would also be very cool!

Still, saying that, I hope Sammy goes ahead with building some and lets me have a go and perhaps try and convince me of the merits 😉

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