Samsung makes the Galaxy SIII even better with free Premium Suite upgrade

galaxy s3 upgradeSamsung seems to have built another winner in the Galaxy SIII and is sitting pretty at the top of many charts but Samsung have pledged to make the smartphone even betterer.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII recently received an operating system update of Google Android Jelly Bean and, if you have updated your Sammy smartphone, you will soon be getting the Samsung Premium Suite.

The Samsung Premium Suite enhances your already handy mobile with must haves such as multi-window support that will let you run two apps on screen at the same time and having a Facebook ticker so you can see your Facebook News Feeds on your lock screen.

I really dig the sound of the multi-window function. How often have you been writing an email whilst referencing something on a website which has seen you having to flick between email screen and the website? This will also allow you to browse the web whilst having a YouTube vid playing at the same time. Thank goodness the SIII has that 4.8-inch screen to play with.

Something else which will make things even more user-friendly on your Jelly Bean packing SIII is being able to list your apps in order of most used, rather than just alphabetically.

The Premium Suite also brings with it contextual tagging for photos so you can automamagically tag a picture with the weather, date, and location, which is pretty neat.

Another new feature called Page Buddy will actually predict what you intend to do – for instance, when you shove your headphones in to the phone Page Buddy will opens up the music player.

There’s also Reader Mode which lets you change the size of the text on your browser and Auto Share Shot Pairing mode hwich allows users to squirt any new photos or videos to another NFC-capable device as soon as they’re taken.

This should keep you going til the SIV is released.

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