Samsung Gear 360 gets Euro priced

samsung gear 360 camera tripodSamsung’s Gear 360 VR camera’s price has been something of a mystery, as was its release date. It appears that not only has the US price been discovered, but so has the Euro cost.

Samsung seemed cagey regarding the US price tag and release date of the Gear 360 spherical VR camera, originally denying that it would cost $350.

The Gear 360 sports two 15 megapixel fisheye lenses, enabling it to capture 360-degree 4K UHD video or 30-megapixel photos. Though you can, of course, enjoy these on your phone, it is the Gear VR that is most suited for consumption of content captured with the Gear 360.

samunsg gear 360Over in Korea the publicised price translates in to more-or-less that $350 price tag and regional pre-orders are already live with deliveries slated to begin next week, by April 29th.

Saying that though, over in Samsung’s homeland, the dual 15MP CMOS sensor-packing cam comes bundled with a free Gear VR headset, typically worth an extra $110 or so.

At the moment, no one really knows whether or not similar deals will be offered over here but, at least in Netherlands, there’s no such mention on the company’s local website.

No word on a launch date around those parts either, though the price is listed clearly in black and white, at a fairly predictable €350 (£275-ish).

Dutch e-tailers seem to be hinting at a May 22nd commercial release, which could turn out to be the ETA for the whole continent. Or, then again, it might not.

Once Samsung has confirmed it, we’ll let you know.