Samsung GamePad controller for Android priced

samsung wireless smartphone gamepadSamsung have continued with their relentless release schedule and has shown off its first Android Bluetooth gaming controller, the GamePad, at MWC.

The Samsung GamePad will be available in Germany and Korea only at first for around €60 and I have found it popping up for UK buyers on a variety on online outlets.

Pairing should be simple thanks to NFC connecting with Bluetooth 4.0. The controller features dual analogue sticks, an eight way d-pad, four buttons and two shoulder triggers.

The GamePad boasts a 28-hour battery life and so should keep most gamers going for long enough before needing a charge.

The controller’s power supply is totally separate from the phone and so won’t charge it or, more importantly, drain your mobile.

Users can slip a device into the controller’s holder with it being flexible enough to even carry the huge Note 3.

Alternatively, the controller can be detached, as the phone streams gaming to the big screen at home using Samsung’s WatchOn smarts.

Samsung is making a move towards gaming and I would expect an official UK release fairly soon as there are a number of online retailers showing the unit for between £60-£70.

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