Samsung Galaxy X folding phone nearly here

samsung foldable smartphoneSamsung is getting ready to release the world’s first ever true foldable smartphone in its Galaxy X, and it looks set to arrive soon.

We were expecting the Galaxy X to land in 2019 but then we heard it would drop by the end of the year. Turns out that we were right the first time.

Although, we did hear about the Samsung Foldiplay back in 2013 😉

Samsung reveals folding Infinity Display device at SDC 2018!

Samsung folding phone

samsung folding phone screenAccording to a report from Korean news outlet ETNews, Samsung has begun to enter final preparations for the production of foldable screen panels.

Furthermore, these final preparations include “mass-producing” the panels needed.

This timeline certainly more than hints that Sammy wants to be the first to the line with a foldable smartphone. Additionally, with this early start, it should be all set to appear as early as February 2019.

Paper-thin folding smartphone

More than one

samsung folding smartphoneAdditionally, the fact that Samsung is going into mass production. Firstly, this could be just to cover the expected rush to own a foldy fone. However, it could also suggest that they could well be  producing screens for other phone manufacturers. Let’s face it, this is something it already does for current phone screens, being the go-to OLED manufacturer.

Other phone brands rumoured to be working on foldable phones include the usual suspects. Needless to say, amongst those are Apple, LG, Huawei and Motorola. But. if Samsung is aiming to be first, does that mean the product may not be as refined and ready as the competition? Well, according to the company’s CEO, we’ll be getting a “finished product” at release. Then again, would they say anything else?

Galaxy X expected specs

Foldable-smartphone-conceptThe Samsung Galaxy X is expected to sport a 4.5-inch front screen and a foldable internal display of 7.3-inches. Further rumours suggest that this may not fold in the middle but a third of the way up.

Well, right now, pretty much anything is possible. It could be a modern spin on the clamshell phones,  or something totally new. The only thing we can guarantee is more facts will start to seep out the closer the device comes to reality. Personally, I can’t wait!

What about you? Are you down with the fold? Let us know below.