Samsung Galaxy Tab – Yours for £99 in UK

Following on from the SIM free prices released recently, UK network providers are starting to show their tariffs for Sammy’s seven-inch slate.

Three Mobile threw their hat into the ring first via Carphone Warehouse with prices starting at £99.99 and then heading up to £349.99 depending on contract length and inclusive data.

If you’re wanting to hand over less than 100 notes be prepared to cough-up more than £40 per month for two years – this will get you 5GB of inclusive data through Three. Wave £149.99 at Three you’ll drop you 24 monthly payments to £35 with 5GB of data and 200 text messages thrown in. No voice plans seem to be evident just yet.

Vodafone offers a light-use deal at £3 per month which means you’ll have to add an extra £2 per day for 500MB of data usage. For a tenner per month Vodafone will give you 1GB of data. £15 gives 3GB of data and £25 gives you 5GB of Galaxy Tabbage. On everyone of these contracts the Tab will cost you the full £500.

Pay As You Goers will see that Orange, Currys and Amazon all offer the Android tablet for £529 where O2 adds a £70 premium that pushes their offering to £599!

If you decide to pay monthly with Orange you can start on a £5 per month 1 month rolling contract with the tablet priced £529. Alternatively, get a 12 month contract, pay £15 per month you get the Galaxy Tab for £499 with 1GB of anytime data and 1GB of quiet time (12am – 4pm) data.

The thing is – none of these will come with that p0rn button 🙁

Which deal tickles you fancy? Are there any better deals to be had?

Let me know below 🙂

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