Samsung Galaxy S9 video teaser – camera and more

galaxy 9 camera reimaginedSamsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event is fast-approaching. So, it’s to be expected that the company would start ramping up its campaign. Well, today it launched a new video.

The short teaser video of ‘The camera. Reimagined’ is, as you will have guessed, focused on the new snapper we’ve heard of in leaks.

Galaxy 9 camera and more

I have just been sent the teaser video. In the email is this quote:

Imagine a camera that can see more than your eyes – one that can help you capture every moment and change the way you experience the world. Now imagine it’s part of the device you already use, every single day.

By taking a fresh perspective and exploring new frontiers, we’ve crafted a smartphone packed full of life-enriching features, transforming the common device into something that allows you to do what you can’t.

Find out more on February 25. We didn’t just update the camera. We rethought the entire camera experience.”

The video

So, what can we gather from this video then?
galaxy 9 pupilThere is much to corroborate the natty apature – a DSLR camera is used, and there’s a loving close up of someone’s pupil adjusting to the light.

flash reimaginedThere are also hints to something going on with the flash. Also, low light prowess appears to be given a nod.

Selfies, emojies and social sharing all make an appearance.

Only a week to wait. Til then, here’s the video:

[youtube id=”D-EcyYkv-mU”]

But, there’s more!

Snooping around the interwebs and it appears that more can be gathered from S9 video teasers released in other countries. Sneaky huh?

Such as some serious super slow motion action that could confirm the the much leaked 1,000 frames per second slow motion video mode.

[youtube id=”JRncyWWBbQY”]

There is also a video that shows a face being changed into a cartoon version of itself.

Adding to the plentyful emojies in the UK clip, this is likely a nod to the new 3D emoji that has already leaked as Samsung’s answer to the Apple iPhone X Animoji.

[youtube id=”GthDneoSuSI”]

Have we missed anything? Are there any other S9 video clips that leak more functions and abilities?

Let me know below 🙂