Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ now available

Samsung Galaxy S9 UK priceThe Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ smartphones are now available in stores and online.

Samsung’s new flagship smartphones boast the company’s advanced camera. Redesigned with a new dual aperture lens that powers an innovative low-light camera, Super Slow-mo video capabilities and personalised AR Emoji.

Best of all, you can by it right now. Prices for both the S9 and S9+ can be found at the bottom of the page, along with some deals from Vodafone.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

samsung galaxy s9 and s9+The Galaxy S9 and S9+ deliver an enhanced entertainment experience with powerful stereo speakers tuned by AKG, surround effect supported by Dolby Atmos and a refined edge-to-edge Infinity Display.

Additionally, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ comes with the new SmartThings app, which unites Samsung’s existing IoT services into one single, smart experience.

Camera reimagined

Today’s cameras are for more than taking pictures – they’re for connecting and communicating. The Galaxy S9 and S9+’s cameras pack a Super Speed Dual Pixel sensor with dedicated processing power and memory to take amazing shots with high photo quality.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+’s camera features include:

Super Slow-mo

Make every day moments epic with dynamic, slow-motion video that captures 960 frames per second. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also offers automatic Motion Detection. This intelligent feature detects movement in the frame and automatically begins to record – all you have to do is set up the shot. After capturing the Super Slow-mo video, you can then select background music from 35 different options or add a tune from their favourite playlist. Also, you can also easily create, edit and share GIF files with a simple tap in three playful styles of looping to watch the action over and over again.

Low Light Camera

Good lighting is the secret to any great photo. But often, photos are taken in less-than-ideal lighting conditions and most smartphone cameras have a fixed aperture. This tends to result in grainy or washed out pictures. Similar to the way the iris of a human eye expands and contracts, Samsung’s Dual Aperture (F1.5/ F2.4) automatically lets in more light when it’s dark and less light when it’s too bright, taking photos that are crisp and clear.

AR Emoji

galaxy s9 ar emojiAll phones now need to produce animated emojis. Samsung’s offering lets users create an emoji that looks, sounds and acts like them.

AR Emoji uses a data-based machine learning algorithm. This analyses a 2D image of you and maps out more than 100 facial features to create a 3D model that reflects and imitates expressions, like winks and nods, for true personalisation.


Samsung’s intelligence platform, integrated into the camera, uses augmented reality and deep learning technologies to provide helpful information about your surroundings.

With real-time object detection and recognition, Bixby instantly generates information directly on top of the image that the camera is pointing at. Users can translate foreign languages and currency in real time with Live Translation, learn about their surroundings, purchase products seen in the real world and track calories throughout the day.

Entertainment reimagined

galaxy s9 stereoAs previously mentioned, the S9s offers premium sound experiences with stereo speakers tuned by AKG. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ also support Dolby Atmos, giving the effect of 360-degree sound.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ audio experience is complemented by Samsung’s revolutionary Infinity Display. First introduced on the Galaxy S8, the bold, bright Super AMOLED Infinity Display blends right into the phone with virtually no distracting notches 😉 With adaptive contrast enhancement, users can use their device even in direct sunlight.


For those constantly on the move, the next-generation Samsung DeX empowers a mobile lifestyle by bringing a large, full-screen experience to the mobile handset. With DeX Pad, a new docking system, users can easily connect the Galaxy S9 and S9+ to a larger monitor, keyboard and mouse to expand the mobile experience with enhanced document editing or even full-screen gaming. You can also transform the Galaxy S9 and S9+ into a Touch Pad with the DeX Pad.


s9 coloursFinally, there is IP68 water and dust resistance, and wireless charging.

The devices also support expandable memory of up to 400GB with a Micro SD Card.

In addition, the Galaxy S9 and S9+ give users the peace of mind knowing that their phone is protected by Knox 3.1, Samsung’s latest defence-grade security platform.

Samsung Galaxy S9 s9+The Galaxy S9 and S9+ support three different biometric authentication options – iris, fingerprint, and facial recognition. This enables you to select the way you want to protect your device and applications.

The devices support Intelligent Scan, a new verification that intelligently uses the collective strength of iris scanning and facial recognition technology to quickly and conveniently unlock a user’s phone in various situations.

They also introduce Dedicated Fingerprint, giving users the option to use a different fingerprint to access Secure Folder than the one used to unlock the phone.

Price and availability

It is available now in three colours: Midnight Black, Coral Blue and a new hue, Lilac Purple.


  • S9 – £739
  • S9+ – £869

Vodafone deals

Vodafone have let us know about their special deals on the new Sammy.

Customers can pick up the Samsung Galaxy S9 with 16GB of data for the price of 4GB on a Red Extra 16GB plan, which also includes unlimited texts and unlimited minutes for £59 per month (£29 upfront cost). Customers can also choose the Samsung Galaxy S9+ on the same plan for £63 per month (£99 upfront cost).

Alternatively, customers can opt for 32GB of data for the price of 8GB on a Red Entertainment 32GB plan which includes unlimited texts, unlimited minutes, 32GB of data and a choice of Sky Sports Mobile TV, Spotify Premium or a NOW TV Entertainment Pass which is £65 per month (£29 upfront cost) for the Samsung Galaxy S9 or £69 per month (£99 upfront cost) for the Samsung Galaxy S9+.

Plus, any customer who opts for a Red Extra or Red Entertainment plan can also choose to include a Chat, Social, Music or Video Vodafone Pass – where customers can enjoy a selection of their favourite apps without running down their monthly data allowance for a small monthly fee. Furthermore, customers can take advantage of the Combo Pass which includes all four Passes for just £15 a month!

What’s more, thanks to Vodafone Global Roaming all Vodafone customers can now take their home plan abroad – meaning they can use their UK data, minutes and texts in 50 roam-free destinations at no extra cost!