Samsung Galaxy S7 Fold – could bendy be the new edge?

Galaxy S7 foldCould the next flagship smartphone from Samsung bring the clam shell back, albeit through bendy, flexible AMOLED?

If the uptake of the newest, and most expensive Samsung smartphone offering is good enough to prove that the consumer is looking for something different then it could pave the way for a Galaxy S7 with a folding display.

The Galaxy S6 Edge has brought with it curved and slopey sides to the display but, according to an unnamed official from Samsung display, the commercialisation of foldable smartphones will be possible by 2016. Yup, in time for the Galaxy S7 then.

With ‘foldable smartphones’ we are not talking about those flip phones that were all the rage, and still are over in Japan, but a whole new way of getting more screen in your pocket.

These next gen clam-shells will fold in on the screen, rather than simply have a keyboard and screen section with a hinge in the middle.

Samsung has shown off flexible displays at numerous tradeshows for the past few years, since around 2008 in fact. But, until now, there have been very few hints that this tech will ever make it in to commercially available smartphones.

As smartphones get thinner and thinner they’re becoming more able to be folded, just ask an iPhone 6 plus owner, without adding too much width to fit in a pocket comfortably. With this folding screen tech you could, theoretically, get the screen size of a tablet in your pocket.

It would be cool if Samsung unveils a Galaxy S7 Fold along side the regular S7 candybar, just as it has done with the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Check out Samsung’s Youm concept video from 2011 which showcases a folding semi-translucent do everything device below.

[youtube id=”f4AhTiQkWwk”]