Samsung Galaxy S6 prices, colours and the meaning of that Unpacked Invite revealed

samsung galaxy whats nextThe leaks just keep on coming, and there’s no indication of them slowing down, with less than a month to go until the official Samsung pre-MWC event – here’s some rumoured prices, colours and what the invite might give further clues to.

As we get closer to the Unpacked Event more news surrounding Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S6 comes to light.


Galaxy-S6-colorsThe Galaxy S5 was available in four colours: electric blue, copper gold, shimmery white, and charcoal black but, if this latest report turns out to be true, the Galaxy S6 will also be be available in a quartet of shade but, instead of the electric blue, we’ll get a teal/green option, in addition to gold/brown, black and white.

Unpacked 2015 invite – what does it mean?

As you can see above, the invitation, at first glance, is teasing us with some kind of curvy line with the “What’s next” statement.

The folks over at Pocket-lint have gone all Bletchley Park and decoded the enigmatic invite to be a depiction of the new Galaxy S Edge.

galaxy edge unpackedThey reckon that the line is the left hand side of the long edge of the phone before it curves up to the bottom edge. What you can’t see in the invite’s stylised imagery is the base of the handset complete with a USB socket and stylus slot as found on the original Note Edge launched in September 2014.

For that curve to fit the phone has to have the edge curved glass on the left and right hand side of the phone – just like the LG show phone.


Word on the interwebs states that the storage options and prices of the Galaxy S6 will be: €749 (£565) for 32GB; €849 (£640) for 64GB and €949 (£715) for 128GB.

The site also mentions prices of the rumored Galaxy S Edge smartphone. Samsung’s recent MWC invite as we’ve seen points towards a curvy phone, supporting rumours of a Galaxy Edge-like handset carrying the S6 name.

Again, storage options are expected to be 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, priced at €849 (£640), €949 (£715) and €1049 Euros (£790), respectively.

It’s worth noting that direct currency conversions are just a rough guide and may not reflect accurate UK pricing. Samsung has said in the past it lets UK retailers set their own prices as it doesn’t set RRPs itself.

There were rumors that Samsung will build the S6 from ground-up, some of the reports implying a metal frame, others talking about a glass sandwich build, but it is unclear at the moment.