Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gets Stark makeover

iron man galaxy s6 edgeThe Galaxy S6 Edge is already a darned good looking bit of kit but Samsung have announced a limited edition Iron Man version – complete with arc reactor charging station.

Samsung’s Iron Man-branded Galaxy S6 Edge comes complete with a custom paint job, 64GB of on-board storage and a limited edition wireless charger accessory with an appropriate arc reactor graphic included on top.

It ships with a clear cover, too, so you can protect your precious “armour” safe from the day-to-day knocks and tumbles.

The theme continues right through to the box it comes in, which is also red and gold. There’s even a big ol’ Iron Man helmet stencil graphic on the back of the device to match the software theme.

Overkill? Probably.

Surely the colour scheme alone is enough to get the congratulatory nod of acceptance from other Marvel fans?

That said, this is obviously the result of a partnership between Marvel and Sammy with the intent of promoting the new Avengers film overseas, so let’s just be thankful that this is as far as the marketing team went. It could’ve been a lot worse!

Yup, this is for overseas folks. The Iron Man Galaxy S6 Edge availability is listed as only Korea as of tomorrow, with sales beginning in China and Hong Kong in late June.

There’s no UK date even hinted at so, probably best to keep an eye on eBay and settle for this unboxing vid 😉

[youtube id=”wB6MId15cpo”]