Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge gets awesome benchmark scores

edge s6 renderAre you counting down the days til you get all the official news about the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? Well, thanks to GeekBench, you now know more about the slopey-sided smartphone.

These latest benchmarks confirms that the new Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will come with the new Samsung Exynos 7420 processor which Samsung made official recently. The new phone will also come with 3GB of RAM.

Compared to previous benchmarks of the handset, these really do look more like a production device boasting even higher record multicore scores.

If these are all above board and reflect the performance of the retail units, then there should be some very worried smartphones out there, even the iPad Air 2 will get a slapping!

galaxy s6 edgeThis is all largely down to that octa-core Exynos 7420 chipset that manages to crush most in its path with 1,495 points in the single-core, and the ‘sayyyyy what?’ 5,375 points in the multi-core test, putting the new Samsung flagship apparently right at the top of the mobile game.

Other specifications on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will include a cureved 5.1 inch display which will have a QHD resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels.

The handset is also rumored to feature a 5 megapixel front facing camera and a 20 megapixel rear camera, plus it will come with a range of storage options from 32GB to 128GB.

The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are expected to share almost identical specifications apart from the displays.

All shall be verified and validated when Samsung holds their press conference on March 1st.