Samsung Galaxy S5 leaks ahead of Unpacked event

galaxy s5 leakThe Samsung Galaxy S5 will officially meet its audience at MWC 2014 in a few hours but that hasn’t stopped pictures from breaking through showing changes to size and build.

The leaked snaps shows that Samsung’s newest Galaxy flagship will be larger than the S4. This means that the S5 will sit between the old model and the Note 3.

The S5’s dimensions will allow for the much rumoured 5-inch diagonal display. The original Galaxy Note, you may recall, had a 5.3-inch diagonal display – yup, the Galaxy smartphone is almost the same size as the original phablet’s dimensions!.

There’s a clear shot of a Fingerprint Scanner app that you can easily setup by swiping eight times on the Home button. This new Finger Scanner tool allows you to register up to three different sets of fingerprints simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy S5 will support PayPal payments via the same Fingerprint sensor, as you will simply need to swipe over the Home button for the payment to be made.

S5 sizeThe device also apparently has IP67 water and dust-proofing, which should make it a very rugged device indeed, and that it carries a 16-megapixel camera on the back which will work by tapping the side of the phone.

Expect that camera to have some other special powers, as there appears to be potentially a small secondary lens or some other kind of sensor living next to the flash now.

The design looks overall pretty similar to its predecessor with plastic still being used on the rear panel.

It has a dimpled look this time around and comes in at least white or black.

Still, with high levels of water and dust resistance and perhaps with a better quality of plastic, it could at least withstand more of the outside world.

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