Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 display test

galaxy s4Is the Samsung Galaxy S4‘s display a match for the iPhone 5? Well, apparently it is.

The latest Galaxy S smartphone is all set to be a best seller, but one area that the iPhone faithful brag about is the Retina Display on the Apple smarty.

Displaymate Technologies has taken a Galaxy S4, S3 and the iPhone 5 and shoved them all under a microscope. The factors considered for the comparison test included brightness, subpixels and more.

Dr. Ray Soneira, who owns the firm, says that the 5-inch 1080p display on the S4 packs just about the same number of subpixels as the iPhone 5.

His study also claims that the PenTile layout packs twice as many green subpixels as compared to red and blue. The S4 reflects light better than the iPhone 5 as well.

The study also measured power usage as a parameter. The findings stated that the S3 slurped up 0.83W of power while the S4 improved to 0.70W. The iPhone 5 proved to be a more picky eater and nibbled on only 0.66W of power usage.

The iPhone 5 also won on a superior color gamut, though the S4 is not too far behind.

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