Is the New Samsung Galaxy S3 Smartphone Right for You?

Samsung Galaxy S3The Samsung Galaxy S3 is has arrived, and it’s brought some new special and very practical features with it. For example, everyone loves this smartphone’s larger-than-average 4.8-inch screen and its high-quality colour contrast and clarity.

However, despite its considerable size, the Super AMOLED screen actually uses less power than most phones, a feature that actually extends its battery usage. Also, Samsung has enlarged the battery itself to 2,100 mAh. This means more daily usage without worrying about losing your battery power before you get home to charge your phone again. In fact, the Samsung Galaxy S3 may set the record for longest battery usage between charges.

If you’ve ever forgotten to mute your phone in a meeting, you know how embarrassing that can be. The S3 goes silent instantly when you turn the phone over or cover the screen with your hand or anything else. For those calls that were missed or messages that were left on your phone, the Galaxy S3 vibrates to notify you as soon as you pick it up.

Also, simply raising the phone to your ear results in a direct call to whoever is currently on your screen. You no longer have to waste time hunting up phone numbers. Another unique feature is the Galaxy S3’s ability to use the front-facing camera to recognise when you are looking at its screen. During that time, it will neither dim nor shut off. However, as soon as you do look away, it will react to conserve power.

The ability to give voice instructions to your smartphone is a really useful feature. The Samsung S3 understands and responds to your command to set alarms; play, pause, or skip music; turn on WiFi; and open your camera app. You can also ask for and receive travel directions. You can even pose general knowledge questions and expect factual answers.

It’s no wonder that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may become one of the most sought-after smartphones on the market. This versatile media tool allows users access to more than 450,000 apps in the Google Play Store. Right now, new purchasers have an opportunity to win free tickets to the 2012 London Olympics. As a major sponsor of the Games, Samsung is also offering a free 1-month Eurosport trial subscription. Imagine enjoying Olympic sports live without paying for expensive tickets or squeezing into crowded venues.

According to Carphone Warehouse, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a practical and time-saving phone. If you would like to know more, check online at, call by phone, or visit the store. Get your new Samsung in time to enjoy the summer Games for free.


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