Samsung Galaxy S III Leaked in S3 Hands on Video

Samsung S3 in S III hands on videoA device that is lauded as being the Samsung Galaxy S III has appeared online in an hands-on video.

The leak comes from the Vietnamese-based news breakers Tinhte which has earned much respect from the interweblogosphere for their regular exclusives.

The footage shows the new Samsung device rocking a 4.6-inch, 720p display with a 8-megapixel around the back.

Word is that there’s a 1.4GHz quad-core processor under the bonnet with 16GB of storage plus a microSD card slot also being mentioned.

The Galaxy S III is also said to be equipped with NFC tech and a 2,050mAh battery.

Consensus has it that the display looks to have a 720×1,184 pixel resolution. This equates to a dpi of 320.

That puts its pixel density within spitting distance of the 326dpi offered by the 3.5-inch screened iPhone.

The phone pictured has the model number GT-i9300, which is regarded as being the model number for the Galaxy S III, or whatever it will end up being called.

The device being shown is running Ice Cream Sandwich, just like the HTC One X I reviewed the other day. The phone’s helpful ‘about’ page proudly boasts that the operating system is Android version 4.0.3, to be precise.

This, to me, looks like a finished product which would make sense as the great reveal is only a week-or-so away.

There have been reports suggesting that Sammy has been squeezing S III innards in to generic cases to send out to partners just to prevent leaks like this one before the big show being held on May 3rd in London.

Most people are saying that the new flagship Samsung smartphone will be a minor, but important, improvement over the S II.

What are you hoping to see on May 3rd?

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