Samsung Galaxy S III [S3] Lands in February with Quad Core 3D Smarts and 720p Screen

Everyone rates the Samsung Galaxy S2 and, to be honest, there’s very little to dislike. The Galaxy S III, therefore, has a great deal to live up to and word is that it will be here soon.

Sammy’s S II has been knocking the iPhone off the top spot on charts aplenty thanks to its lovely screen, speedy processor and excellent camera so the next generation of Galaxy blower has to be quite special in order to fill those enormous boots.

It is expected that Samsung will announce the S3 at Mobile World Congress in February and will then unleash the phone’s impressive spec list which will include a 720p screen, quad-core processor, Ice Cream Sandwich and 3D smarts which will allow it to integrate with 3D TVs.

I can totally understand that you may be underwhelmed at the thought of having 3D on your mobile – let’s face it, the whole 3D thing hasn’t really made much of a dent in the TV market and as far as smart phones go – who here bought an LG Optimus 3D or HTC EVO 3D?

Perhaps slinging the multi-dimensional extra on to a handset that is being so lusted over may be enough to reignite interest in 3D phones? What are your thoughts?

The, as yet unconfirmed specs, sound real enough as the 720p Super AMOLED Plus screen will use the same tech as seen on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and the S3 will pack 2GB of RAM and run on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Do you think that the S3 can keep up the pace set by the S2 which sold 3 million units in just 55 days?

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