Samsung Galaxy S III Available for Pre-order – S3 Guesstimate?

Samsung Galaxy S3 PreorderThe Samsung Galaxy S III has appeared for pre-order complete with a spec list – is this the real deal or just pure guesswork?

The much anticipated follow-up to Sammy’s Galaxy S II has popped up on a phone retailer’s pre-order page but is the listing a true reflection of the next gen Samsung smartphone?

Well, the Samsung S III on the site is listed as having a 4.65-inch 720p display and a 12-megapixel camera with 16GB which is all fair enough.

The most exciting thing is that the processor is tagged as being the rumoured a 1.8GHz quad-core beastie! Alrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiight! 🙂

There has been no confirmation from either Samsung or Mobilecityonline as yet but you are able to get all the way to the payment screen if you fancy an unlocked S III with the promise of the listed specifications with no release date mentioned.

This could be an accidentally early listing of the facts or just the retailer hoping that they’ve got the info correct.

I’m willing to take a shovel of salt with the details which have an ‘announced’ status of ‘not officially announced yet’ and a product description that says the S III is ‘rumoured to be the company’s next flagship’.

To be honest, I’d hang around a bit longer as the Samsung S III should land in the first half of this year anyway.

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