Samsung Galaxy Note Phablet / Tabone Gets UK Release Date

Ah, Samsung Galaxy Note. Are you a tabone or a phablet? The line blurring mobile device, whatever it’s classed as, will be out in time for Santa do his shopping.

Samsung’s super-sized phone was guesstimated to arrive in 2012 but now, as it happens, we can expect the 5.3-inch screened mini-tablet to be with us on November 17th!

The Galaxy Note is equipped with a very bright HD Super AMOLED screen and a punchy 1.4GHz dual-core processor purring away underneath. This is currently the fastest you’ll see Gingerbread move 🙂

Weighing in at a modest 178g with a 9.65mm waistline, despite packing 16GB of SSD it’s immensely pocketable.

Bringing the tabletness to the Galaxy Note is the pressure sensitive S Pen – handy for scribbling notes or sketching amusing additions over someone’s website.

You can sling the 1080p HD video recorded on the Note via the 8MP camera to a big screen. You also get a flash around the rear (so to speak). The front-facer is a 2MP number.

It has a number of nice touches such as pausing a video when your put your hand over the screen. If you’re watching the kind of video that needs to be hastily obscured with your hand when someone walks into the room…. Don’t worry. I shall not judge 😉

The Samsung smartphone/tablet hybrid will be available from all the usual suspects (specific retailers are yet to be named).

Still no word on price though – if you’re looking for a large-screened phone/mini tab and don’t mid dropping to a 1GHz processor, 5-inch screen and adding some girth then the Dell Streak retails at £380.

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