Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to Launch in August with Huge 5.5-inch Screen

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-2Remember the Samsung Galaxy Note? It’s not as if you could miss it – time to extend your pockets as the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is all set to be even bigger!

The Note was the first oversized phone to blur the lines between phone and tablet. It even manages to make the HTC Sensation XL and One X look almost normal.

Even stranger is that it really appears to be popular!

The Note 2 is reported to be a 5.5-inch slab of a phone, a slight but potentially noticeable size increase over the current version’s 5.3-inch screen.

Next month sees the annual tech invasion of Berlin known as IFA. That’s where the original Note first made an appearance last year – expectations are that Note 2 will be there this time to say ‘Hi!’ with the rest of this year’s must-haves.

Not only is Sammy’s phablet expected to be larger the new Note will likely to pack a quad-core processor.

With the lift in processor-power you can expect the current 8-megapixel snapper to be bumped up to a 12- or 13MP job.

I would assume that Note 2 will sport Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the next generation of Android software for phones and tablets.

Jelly Bean will land first with the Google Nexus 7 later this month and this should lead the way for other new Android devices.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II should land in October in time for people’s Christmas lists 😉

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