Samsung Galaxy Note II Leaked – Even Larger!

Samsung Galaxy Note 2Even though I’m playing with the current version of Samsung’s phablet, the Galaxy Note, word has it that v2.0 will be due soon.

The Galaxy Note sequel is rumoured to be landing in October in order to compete with Apple’s new iPhone 5.

Apparently the next iteration of the over-sized phone/mini tablet will be loaded with Android Jelly Bean and, believe it or not, equipped with an even larger screen!

Just when does a phone become a tablet? The current Sammy Note boasts a 5.3-inch display – bear in mind that fully-formed tablets with 7-inch screens are commonplace with the likes of the Nexus, EeePad Memo, the Kindle Fire and even Samsung’s own Tab 2.

The new, and larger, screen could well be featuring some new spanky new tech too. The report mentions an ‘unbreakable plane’ (UBP) display, which is supposedly a precursor to the flexible display we’re all dreaming of. That’s quite exciting really.

That new gadgetry should also help keep the Note 2 slender.

Longer battery life and a more robust frame are among other purported new goodies, along with a 12-megapixel snapper and quad-core processor.

So, that all sounds pretty positive – even though the Note 2 will be brushing up against tablet territory.

I think most people were surprised by the response that the Galaxy Note has received. Samsung recently boasted that it had shipped 7 million of the funky phablet.

What would you expect from a Galaxy Note 2? Do you dig dominating displays?

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