Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seen in the wild

Galaxy Note 8 Always On DisplayHoly phablet leak, Batman! We could well be looking at the Galaxy Note 8, switched on and showing off its huge ‘Infinity Display’.

In the run up to Samsung’s next Unpacked event, we have already been treated to seemingly legit leaks.

We have seen the Galaxy Note 8 rendered from pretty much every angle. We have even been teased by the next gen Note’s specification.

The only thing that has been missing is some shots of the actual unreleased phone out in the wild.

Until today, that is.

Thanks to a fairly newly hatched tech news site, we have been treated to a trio of exclusive real-life Samsung Galaxy Note 8 photos.

Could this just be a way of them getting hits? Maybe. Could they have started a website as they already had industry connections? Perhaps.

Although there is no way to verify the leak’s authenticity yet, the images do line-up with the already released renders.

Galaxy Note 8 live

What we have today is a photographed phablet showing its front, back and side.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8Gaze upon its super-slim screen bezels and dual rear-facing camera setup.

Galaxy Note 8 backMarvel at its fingerprint reader set off to the side and traditional volume rocker.

Check out its Bixby button.

Galaxy Note 8 Always On DisplayThe Always On Display is also front and centre in these leaked shots.

Furthermore, it appears that these snaps could even have been taken today – August 7th!

However, these shots have now since been removed from the site.

Does this point to a hoax being called out? Could these legit pics have been taken down to protect the identity of the source? Similarly, were they removed at Samsung’s request?