Samsung Galaxy Note 4 launch date leaked

samsung galaxy notePlenty of my friends have turned their backs on the Galaxy S4 and picked up a Note 3 instead. Further more of them have ignored the S5 and are eagerly awaiting news of the Note 4. Well, being a good friend, here you are.

To many the Galaxy S5 has failed to inspire them to dip their hands in to their pocket. It seems that Samsung fans have started to treat the Galaxy Note line as the actual mobile flagship amongst Sammy’s offerings.

To those people I say “rejoice, for the time is close at hand” as new details regarding the Galaxy Note 4 launch date have emerged.

A report from South Korea suggests that the Note 4 will go into mass production June-July (and hopefully we’ll seem more leaks during this period) and will be ready to hit global sales on September 25th.

It’s expected that the US launch would then follow which all makes an announcement of the new phablet at IFA 2014 more than likely.

The new Note is said to be packing a QHD 5.7-inch display, 3GB of RAM, 16MP camera, 16/32GB of storage, and other similarly beefy specs.

So, will you be swapping your Galaxy S4/Note 3 for the the Note 4?