Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and screen-wrapping Note Edge Unpacked at IFA 2014

galaxy note 4

Samsung’s latest Unpacked event has landed in Berlin and Samsung has formally introduced a pair of Notes – the Galaxy Note 4 and the much rumored wrap-around-screen Galaxy Note Edge.

As expected, the Note 4 sports a 5.7-inch quad HD display, and Samsung was quick to point out the extended colour gamut offered by its AMOLED nature. The 2560×1440 2K display weighs in at 518 pixels per inch, which is a 30% increase from the Note 3.

Design-wise, the Galaxy Note 4 is very similar to the Galaxy Note 3, save for a few small details. For example, the metal strip that runs along the side of the device is a bit more straight-edged, and is the same colour as the phone itself, which comes in a number of different flavours.

The phablet has retained the love-it-or-hate-it faux leather removable back.

Sammy have spent some time in the optics department and the Note 4’s camera features Optical Image Stabilisation in the 16-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 3.7-megapixel camera (f/1.9) on the front which is equipped with special selfie-centric features. For instance, users can use the heart-rate monitor on the back of the Note to snap a photo, and the software allows for a Panorama-style selfie where users can angle the phone to include everyone in the shot.

galaxy note edge
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The Note Edge was a surprise addition to the Unpacked get together but it’s great to see the hardware confirmed and pretty much lives up to the rumours. I am really digging the long-side wrap-around edges as Samsung showed in prototypes what seems like ages ago.

The evolution of the S Pen continues with this latest generation, and significant improvements to the stylus’s sensitivity aim to deliver a user experience that’s even more akin to natural handwriting.

Samsung will be releasing the Note 4 in four colour variants (at least for now), selling the phablet in black, white, gold, and pink and the Note Edge will appear this Autumn.

I am even more eager to get to IFA now. Roll on Friday!