Samsung folding phone pinned for 2017

samsung galaxy x skinNow, here’s a test. Who here can remember the Samsung Foldiplay from 2013? Well, It’s folding smartphone rumour time again!

Granted, this fold-up tech could well be the biggest mobile technology breakthrough since the invention of the touchscreen but we have already seen Samsung and LG come up with concepts only to be thwarted when it comes to the flexibility of other smartphone components, as well as the durability of the stretchy ensemble.

OPPO may have recently joined the ranks of Android device manufacturers cooking up bendy handhelds but I reckon it’s a safer bet that Samsung’s Youm concept, now codenamed Project Valley, will hit the shelves first.

That could actually be as soon as “early” next year.

According to Bloomberg, word has it that two Galaxy X models, one capable of folding in half like a “cosmetic compact”, and the second a 5-incher with the capacity to unfurl into an 8-inch tablet.

I hope the latter is something akin to the Paperfold concept we saw a couple of years ago. This would be both compact and portable without having to sacrifice a large media-friendly screen.

Foldable smartphone conceptI think the modern twist of the flip phone could really bring back the memories for those of us around in the 90s – not only that though, it would also improve the portability of today’s many jumbo-sized gadgets.

Apparently, Samsung somehow managed to resolve the biggest obstacle preventing Galaxy X mass-manufacturing – “making transparent plastics and making them durable” – so the final challenge could be coming up with a “user interface suitable for bendable screens.”

All eyes will now be on Samsung at the 2017 Mobile World Congress in February. If that goes well, a commercial launch (or two) may take place in the ensuing months.

This is genuinely exciting times!