Samsung folding phone launching next year

samsung foldable smartphoneBack in 2012 Samsung first promised us a folding smartphone. According to the latest reports, we might get to see it before the end of this year.

The Samsung Foldiplay first popped up in November 2013 and we like it. A lot. Then there was some updates in September 2015 which looked even cooler.

Finally, in the middle of last year the Galaxy X was hinted to appear in 2017.

Latest folding phone news

ET News reports that Samsung may have a production prototype of this new foldable smartphone ready by quarter three of 2017.

The company is expected to put the new handset into mass production in 2018. So, this means that the device could well go on sale next year.

samsung folding smartphoneAs mentioned, we’ve heard talk that the device could appear as the Samsung Galaxy X. Naturally, this has yet to be confirmed by Samsung.

What is certain is that Samsung doesn’t want to lose out to claiming the prize of releasing the first folding phone:

According to an industry representative:

Although Samsung needs to implement qualities that correspond to its brand image, it is paying careful attention to Chinese companies as it looks not to lose ‘world’s first foldable Smartphone’ title to Chinese companies. However because it seems that South Korean companies and Chinese companies are looking to start producing prototypes around third quarter, competitions between South Korean companies and Chinese companies are going to become even more fierce.”

As you can imagine, there are no details regarding specifications. As soon as we get something more, we’ll be sure to let you know.