Samsung folding phone could appear this year – Galaxy X

samsung folding smartphoneWe were originally expecting a folding phone from Samsung this year. However, this was apparently pushed back to 2019. Now, it might be back on course for 2018 according to the company’s report.

Samsung’s folding phone has been bounced around since 2012. It was looking highly likely that we were going to be treated to this innovation this year. That was until reports came through that the flexible phone had been pushed back a year.

The Samsung Infinity Display is here!

Samsung folding phone update

samsung galaxy x folding phoneRe-engage your excitements though as Samsung may have let slip something in their earnings annnouncement for Q4 of 2017. You see, they mention foldable OLED displays in this very report.

In the report Samsung mentions that the mobile division is going to try and differentiate its smartphones by adopting cutting-edge technologies “such as foldable OLED displays.”

OK, colour me interested.

samsung folding phone screenSamsung also mentions in its Q4 2017 earnings release that its OLED panel is going to improve its competitiveness in the premium segment this year. You know how it aims to do this? Well, “with the release of foldable panels” of course.

Since the company sources OLED displays for its smartphones from its display-making subsidiary, that part of the company has to start producing foldable OLED panels before the mobile division can put a device together and launch it.

We already know that Samsung has a working prototype of its foldable smartphone, the device was shown off behind closed doors to Samsung’s partners at CES earlier this month.

I for one am ready for some truly innovative hardware to shake things up in the smartphone world.

Samsung folding smartphone specs

The handset is rumoured to come with a 7.3-inch OLED display which can be folded in half.

The device would fold inwards to act as a phone and outwards to double as a tablet. Samsung Display is said to be working on a panel that folds in and out smoothly without showing any creases.

Samsung hasn’t given any timelines for its foldable panels in the press release but at least it’s confirmation that the company has made them a part of its strategy for 2018.

So, as it stands, it could make an appearance to the general public this year. I am still unconvinced that it will make it to market before their Unpacked 2019 show though.

Hopefully, Sammy will prove me wrong. What do you reckon? Let me know below.