Samsung Flip charts the paperless office – CES 2018

Samsung FlipI remember the paperless promise well when computers came in to the office. However, we’re now in the 21st century and I’m still surrounded by paper. Samsung has announced the Samsung Flip WM55H to show that they’re still fighting the cause.

Looking around my desk and I see Post-it notes, address labels, note pads and, in the corner of my area, a flip chart. Yes, I am also armed with a tablet, Surface, mobile phone and desktop PC – but still have all this paper.

But Samsung’s Flip wants to keep the paperless dream alive, with its combination of a large screen, and seamless integration with phones and laptops.

Samsung Flip

Samsung Flip officeAt CES 2018 Samsung showed off their vision of the future office at their ‘First Look’ event.

This upgrade on both standard paper flip charts and analogue boards, the Samsung Flip display expands opportunities to generate game-changing ideas while maintaining the familiar feel of traditional writing.

However, unlike its predecessors, Samsung Flip allows easy sharing, annotation and movement, as well as the ability for multiple users to create content at once. All on a UHD display.

Additionally, the Flip’s portable, wheel-based stand transforms any location into a huddle room. This is ideal for businesses with limited conference space.

Finally, the display’s intuitive interface was specifically designed to be user-friendly and allow for timely, uninterrupted conversation.

Connected collaberation

The Samsung Flip display also offers extensive device compatibility through both wireless connectivity and USB, PC and mobile ports.

An integrated screen-sharing functionality makes content available on connected PCs, smartphones and tablets without interruption or reduced visual quality.

Likewise, users also can import personally-stored content onto the screen and introduce fresh ideas to the discussion.

Agile working

Each display is customisable and can be used in portrait or landscape orientations to suit meeting needs.

When coupled with its height-adjustable stand, it also maximizes available writing space at users’ preferred positions.

Should a meeting require more centralised, roundtable-style discussion, users can remove and connect the Flip display to a compatible wall mount.

Safe finish

As meetings wrap up, the Samsung Flip display securely stores all content on internal memory. So, no the need for cumbersome recaps or handwritten transcription.

An airtight, password-based protection system safeguards meeting details and ensures that only approved users can access the information.

Once logged in, meeting facilitators and participants can download and share featured content through email. If you really want to keep one foot in the past, yes, you can print it off  too.

Users additionally can save meeting notes to a USB drive or other external sources.

Price and availability

No word yet on pricing, but Samsung promises that the Flip would be available in the US and Europe later in January 2018.