Samsung F400 Comes With B&O Sound

If you hate it when kids insist on listening to their phat sounds via their less than phat phone speakers then this one is for them…but let’s not encourage the little darlings huh?

Samsung’s new F400 has speakers built in by none other than Bang and Olufsen!

The phone itself is a dual slider (like the N95 for instance) so slide it down to reveal the speakers, and up to get to the keypad for all that normal phone mullarkey.

As well as the B&O speakers it also has music recognition software that’ll tag a track when you hear it, the phone takes a standard 3.5mm headphone plug, and it also comes with an FM radio with RDS. and a 3 mp snapper.

This is an HSDPA capable 3.5G device with a maximum download speed of 3.6 Mbps. The F400 also supports GPRS and EDGE data, plus 2100 MHz UMTS and tri-band GSM.