Samsung D9500 75-inch 3D TV – Large, Expensive, Glorious, Nuff Said

Sharp’s 70-inch Quattron not flash enough? LG’s 72-inch LZ9700 not big enough? If you’re looking for the world’s largest LED-backlit 3D LCD HDTV then you’ll now need the Samsung 75-inch D9500!

The Samsung D9500 has been officially unveiled and is set to go on sale in Korea by the end of this month.

I guess if you’re into the whole 3D experience then having things as close to life-size as possible is the obvious next step.

As well as the expected TV stuff the flag-ship edge-lit 75-inch gogglebox comes with toys. These include an integrated touchscreen remote with a full QWERTY-board so that you can more easily use the 1080p 240Hz display for browsing the internet, Skype calls, gaming, pinging off emails and that kind of thing during the adverts.

The sizable Sammy uses active shutter 3D tech which means you need the expensive-type of 3D eyewear but then, if you can afford the ₩19,000,000 which translates to £10,800, being able to buy some 3D specs wont be much of an issue will it?

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