Samsung continues headphone jack cull

le-2Apple has seemingly rocked the boat by ditching the headphone socket. The thing is that some Androids did it back in April. Granted, these were China-only handsets but now Samsung is following suit.

Earlier in the year, LeEco, formerly LeTV, unveiled their new Le 2 range. The Le 2, Le 2Pro and Le Max2, all did away with the familiar 3.5mm headphone port. Instead they support USB Type-C digital headphones through the charging port.

Samsung dropping the jack

With the game of tech tennis that Apple and Samsung seems to play it was only a matter of time before we saw Sammy’s response.

Samsung is allegedly looking into making its own proprietary headphone jack for its mobile devices.

The secret ‘sources’ haven’t given away any actual details surrounding the actual jack, but it’s thought it will be different to the USB Type-C that many Android phones are now adopting.

Word is that Samsung’s new jack would be made available for other Android phones and tablets as well. So, Sammy wants to create an Android standard even thought the USB Type-C is already becoming that? Hmmm….


Apple predicted the furore to some extent and has bundled in a Lightning to 3.5mm adapter instead of going its usual route of simply offering them in store.

le-2-usb-cIt isn’t yet clear whether Samsung will include similar with their phones.

History repeating

Could we be facing the silliness of what we actually moved away from? Remember when Sony had a different headphone connector to Nokia and everyone had their own type of charging port?

If Samsung goes down that route we’ll have three different audio ports. True, there’s always Bluetooth though – unless everyone follows Apple with their own wireless method as well as Bluetooth. Could we see Bluetooth getting the axe in favour of proprietary wireless communications too in the future?


What are your feelings regarding the death of the 3.5mm jack?

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