Samsung Concept Mobile Phone Opens Like an OLED Book

If you happen to be a designer of mobile phones you’re pretty much cornered into a number of ‘must haves’:

  1. They have to be pocketable
  2. They must look cool when shoved up against your face
  3. Even though its small it somehow must have a great display that can hold a bunch of icons and be able to display video

So, how can you shove what in essence has to be the desktop viewing experience into a device small enough to fit the skinniest jeans?

Entree Samsung’s new concept phone that’s being shown off at the FPD International show in Yokohama.

It opens like a book to reveal a flexible OLED big enough to handle all those video flicks that you carry around with you.

Calm yourselves though.  There’s no word on when we’ll actually see such a beast hit production.

Until then – check out this video 🙂

Via Engadget