Samsung Chromebook Available at Three UK

If you’ve been eying up Samsung’s Chrome OS touting Series 5 notebook and fancy the freedom of a Chromebook in the UK then Three has some good news for you.

The Samsung Chromebook is an Intel Atom processor-powered laptop sporting a 12.1-inch display. It has both WiFi and 3G connectivity as well as being equipped with a non-cramp inducing full-sized keyboard and trackpad. It even has a HD webcam, 4-in-1 memory slot and a mini-VGA port. 🙂

If you want to shove things into it you can – via the Sammy’s 2 USB ports.

Three has announced that it will offer the Chromebook from sometime in June – Amazon said it will have it from the day before my birthday: June 15th so I’m expecting Three to get it the same week if not the same day 😉

The beauty of these new Chromebooks is that if you lose your lappy or have your netbook nicked then you don’t lose all of your work because it will all be saved on the Cloud.

The “cloud” acts as your hard drive; saving your files ready to be pulled to wherever you are. All applications, including GoogleDocs and a vast variety of Chrome applications also run directly through the connected browser.

There’s no price or tariff on the Three site yet – as soon as I know anything, so shall you 🙂

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