Samsung Bada Goes Public (a bit) – So Far So Good

badaSamsung Bada went a little bit more public today when I got a press-release in my mailbox that started:

Samsung bada (meaning Ocean in Korean) is a driving force in accomplishing Samsung’s vision of a ‘smartphone for everyone’.

Samsung Bada is pretty important as it’s actually built on the company’s Touchwiz interface and is being aimed at Sammy’s mid-range blowers.

This could mean an end to the snootiness of apps being reserved for the highend elite.

Samsung says that the Bada SDK will go beyond what we’ve already seen from rivals, letting developers create apps with face detection, and even access proximity and weather sensors – but, then they would wouldn’t they?

Apparently Samsung Bada will let app-makers create “context-aware interactive applications”…….

It appears that Sammy is taking a leaf out of Android’s book and allowing developers pretty much free range with the app building – unlike a certain orchard fruit-named company where apps have to follow strict guidelines that includes the not using “undocumented features” of the phone, for example, its proximity sensor 😉

When I say free-range I means it as Bada will even allow third party apps to perform core phone functions, such as making a call – Not even Android has that yet!

Samsung’s pledging a series of developer days across the globe in 2010 to introduce coders to its new platform. It’s also launching a challenge to developers, giving them the chance to win a share of a $2.7 million prize fund.

Bada is definitely shaping up to be something very promising from the sound of things – Just need to have a play with it myself if poss 😉

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