Samsung announces Star Wars cleaning droids

Samsung POWERbot vac DarthIn case you missed it, today saw the official trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie. Samsung thought of housework. OK, it’s a tad cooler than that – Sammy launched a limited edition Star Wars-themed vacuum cleaner.

Perhaps not the cleanest of movie tie-ins but the Korean electronics giant has announced a duo of new PowerBot robot vacuum cleaners.

These are a spin-off of the VR7000 that Samsung unveiled at CES in Las Vegas earlier this year, only this time Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper are taking center stage.

It’s a dirty job on the Dark Side

Samsung Star Wars robot vacuum cleanersThe VR7000 is a robot vacuum cleaner that can be left to clean your home unattended.

It will happily slurp up the dirt and dust in your rooms. Furthermore, it will learn all those nooks and crannies so it’s cleaning improves over time.

It can also detect different surfaces and adjust its suction accordingly.

Naturally, it can be controlled by The Force. Well, OK, it can also be controlled via smartphone.

Through the app you can schedule cleaning times and also use voice commands through Amazon Echo.
[youtube id=”DJDSMJnTniI”]

The Empire sucks

Samsung POWERbot vac StormtrooperThe Star Wars editions are more than a quick paint job.

Both models come with “fun and unique” sound effects specific to each character. As you would expect, the Darth Vader vacuum makes a heavy breathing sound when you power it up. I think you will find that is a dejected sigh, if my reaction to cleaning is any benchmark.

In addition to getting permission from Star Wars-franchise owner Disney, Samsung said it worked closely with Star Wars “super fans” during the development.

Price and availability

The Darth Vader incarnation goes on preorder today in the U.S. for $800, and it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity and its own remote.

Stormtrooper will cost $100 less, but that version doesn’t have Wi-Fi or its own remote. Hopefully it’s aim is better than the real thing 😉

Yeah, I want one. Or, both.

Head here for more info: POWERbot Star Wars