Samsung 12 Megapixel Phone Will Hit Europe First

samsung-logo1So, you want to have the bragging rights because your phone packs more Megapixels than the average compact camera?

You’d better get yourself to the Mobile World Congress 2009 in Barcelona if these latest rumours are true!

If they are, then Spain will witness the launch of the world’s first 12 Megapixel camera phone by Samsung!

Sammy have already got those 8 Megapixel phones sorted and looks to be heading off with more mp’s soon!

I still don’t know what OS it will be running on but I am sure that the likes of Nokia and Sony Ericsson will be keeping a watchful eye.

TelecomsKorea is reporting that the phone will be launched in Europe first which would make a change!

Pricing and availability – you’ve guessed it.  Not available.



Telecoms Korea