Saigo SUB eBike is happy on the road or the rough

Saigo has launched the world’s first sports utility bike (SUB). We are told that this is an entirely new category for ebikes.

The Saigo SUB is sturdy enough to be used off-road and, by combining a city-bike frame with the ruggedness of fat-bikes, it also offers a more comfortable all-around experience than a mountain bike.

The bike is aimed at those who want some pedal-assistance for commuting, running errands and weekend mountain biking trips. Additionally, you can head off the beaten track as this ebike can also handle off-road, including potholes, muddy roads and even sand.

Saigo SUB ebike

Saigo SUB ebike beach

Weighing in at just 77 lbs including those 26×4 inch tyres you can ride it as a standard pushbike using the 8-speed Shimano gears. Alternatively, you can take advantage of its powerful 500W electric motor and improved cruising range. The motor is built to be durable and efficient, yet silent with a full charging time of only five hours, or three using a quick charger.

Saigo SUB ebike tyres

Using the throttle, the in-built 48V10.4Ah battery (499.2WH) hands you a maximum range of 25 miles. However, the Torque Sensor System (TSS) feature releases additional power while pedalling to increase the maximum mileage by 30%. This is further than other ebikes can go in pedal mode.

Other features include USB connectivity to charge mobile devices, an integrated locking system that makes it easy to detach the battery for rapid charging. Furthermore, the unique OLED screen keeps you up to date on cycling data as well as providing cruise functionality.

Saigo SUB ebike line up

Saigo’s bike is equipped with an automated lighting system for ultimate road safety at night. Armed with both front and rear light sensors that incorporate a laser flashing light indicating a safe distance to ride. Also, there are turning signals, a set of two high-quality hydraulic disc brakes, and a comfortable suspension saddle.

Saigo SUB Soul App

Via the dedicated Saigo Soul iOS and Android apps you are able to monitor riding mileage, real-time power, and battery health. Through the app, you are also able to modify the parameters of your SUB including soft start level, torque working mode and throttle reaction time. An upgraded GPRS battery enables you to remotely monitor the location of your bike and easily find it, even when stolen.


Ray Chow, Co-Founder of Saigo, told us:

We noticed a lifestyle trend – work and life are blending. We created the Saigo SUB line to bring the spirit of SUVs to cycling: convenient for everyday use, but rugged enough for play. We have combined state of the art technology with the latest features to create a stylish electric bicycle for off-roading or commuting to work.

Price and availability

The Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign launched on 10 October and has a target of $25,000 (which is just over £19,000) to put the ebike into mass production. It has an MSRP of $2,750, or £2,100.

Visit the Indiegogo campaign for further details on who this ebike is aimed at and what it can do:

Saigo SUB specifications at a glance

Frame Aluminium
Tires Spoke Wheels / Magnesium Alloy Integrated Wheels
Tire Size 26×4 Inches
Tire Weight 35kg
Motor Power 500W /250W
Battery Voltage 48V
Battery Capacity 10.4AH /14AH
Battery Power 499WH / 672WH
Charger Power 96W / 144W
Full Charge Time 5 hours / 3 hours for quick charger
Gears Shimano 8 Speed
Saddle Suspension Saddle
Disc Brake Hydraulic disk brake
Easy-change and Waterproof Cables Yes
Screen OLED
Electric Assistance Level 6-Level
Electric Assistance When Pushing 3.7mph
Data Display Current speed, max speed, average speed, TRIP, ODO, riding time, remaining mileage, real time power consumption
Bluetooth Yes
Lighting system Equipped with front and rear lights as well as a laser flashing lamp and turning signals
Bell Yes
Rear Rack Yes
Fenders Yes
USB Charging Yes
Cell Phone Holder Yes