Sahara Solar Farm to Power Europe in Five Years

It has been quite warm and sunny here in London town and just think of all that solar power we could be collecting.

What if we could harness all that sunshine from the Sahara Desert and pipe it through Africa and into Europe – that would be sci-fi though wouldn’t it?


European Energy Commissioner, Guenther Oettinger, has said recently that Europe will import its first solar-generated electricity from North Africa within the next five years!

“Desertec as a whole is a vision for the next 20 to 40 years with investment of hundreds of billions of euros,” said Oettinger. “To integrate a bigger percentage of renewables, solar and wind, needs time.”

Apparently if  just 1% of the Sahara Desert was covered in solar panels there could be enough power gathered to keep the world in electricity.

This has the huge potential of having Africa and then Europe powered by renewable energy within your lifetime!

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