Safy smart luggage is a portable safe

Safy whiteSafy has announced the smartest, safest, and most stylish bag on the market.

This bag is also a portable safe. It features built-in technology to prevent personal belongings from being stolen and ensures valuables are protected in one place.

Safy features a three-digit security combination lock or even a fingerprint module. These will ensure that only the bag’s owner (or authorised users) have access to the contents inside.

The advanced security features also allows users to easily lock their bag and attach the cut-resistant strap to an existing object (beach chair, suitcase, etc.). This not only protects it from being removed, but it also has an automatic alarm.


When activated, the motion sensor inside the bag triggers an alarm within five seconds of being picked. This will notify the owner, and everyone else in earshot, that the bag is being stolen.

Safy blackWhile the owner is carrying the bag, the motion sensor can be turned off to prevent the alarm from sounding.

Safy smart bag

In addition to the technology guarding the bag’s contents, Safy’s design protects the owner’s valuables with an aluminium and polycarbonate frame that is water resistant and durable strap.

safy interiorThe bag also features a radio-frequency identification (RFID)-safe pocket to protect owners from passive skimming of RFID-enabled cards or passports, and a power bank so users can easily charge their electronics.


Andrej Brumec, Founder of Safy said:

While there are many portable safes available on the market right now, Safy is the only option that has built-in technology and security functions that can be used for everyday activities. Portable safes should be able to go everywhere with the owner while making it impossible to steal, and that’s why we invented something that was a step ahead of the competition. Safy is a beautifully designed bag that can not only be used at the beach, while traveling or for any other scenario, but also features multiple levels of protection to provide the owner with peace of mind.”

Price and availability

Safy is available for pre-order starting at $79 for the basic model with the three-digit lock.

$119 gets you the smart model with the three-digit lock, motion sensor, alarm and 5.000 mAh power bank. Opt for the $189 smart plus model and get the fingerprint module, motion sensor, alarm and 10.000 mAh power bank.

The bag will be available in black or white, and will begin shipping in Spring of 2018. You can get involved now through their Kickstarter page.