Safely store and organise your family’s files using digital tools

Cloud storageWhether it’s your bank and financial statements, personal information documents or an album of priceless baby photos, there are some files and documents that you want to keep secure and organised no matter what. While your overflowing filing cabinet and labeled boxes in the garage might have worked in the past, there are many digital tools today that help you store your files, photos and documents in a safe and easily accessible place. These tools keep you organised, save you time and secure all your important files in one place.

Google Drive

Chances are you use a Google service at least once a day between your email, calendar, web search and smartphone. Google Drive is a popular choice for document creation and storage because it links your files to your Google account, making them easily accessible from anywhere. You can store photos, spreadsheets, PDFs and other documents all in one place and easily search files and create folders. One of the best features of Google Drive is the effortless sharing ability. A document or folder can be shared and edited at the same time by anyone else with a Google account. Google Drive is free for the first 15GB of storage space, but if you have a lot of large files, you can pay for more space.


While Google Drive is good for storing files in the cloud and linking them to your Google account, SugarSync is a better option for backing up and storing the files already on your computer. According to MakeUseOf, SugarSync is the best option for overall backup while Drive and Dropbox are good for individual files. SugarSync compiles and syncs your local files to one place in the cloud, so you can access your personal computer’s files from any other Internet-connected device. It also keeps the folder and file structure just as it is on your computer. SugarSync costs start at $7.50 for 100GB.

Shoe Box

We all have those endless folders of photos on our computer that we just can’t bear to get rid of but are eating up the storage on our devices. While many photo storage tools charge crazy monthly fees, ShoeBox offers unlimited photo storage. It also backs up images straight from your computer or mobile device. You can set up automatic backup of your photos from your devices and be sure they are always private, unlike photos on Facebook or Flickr. ShoeBox is free to use for photos, or you can pay $5 a month to back up 10 hours of video and receive higher-quality image files.


There are plenty of other cloud options available if the previous three solutions don’t fit your needs. Whether you need more storage, more security or another service, there is most likely a cloud option out there for you. If you don’t know where to start, Top10CloudStorage provides a list of the top 10 best rated cloud services. The site includes current trends, prices, editor reviews and customer reviews. This way you can find just the right solution.