Safe Samsung Note 7 heading to UK

samsung-galaxy-note-7-ukIf you’re eagerly awaiting a non-exploding Note 7, the UK will be getting them next month.

Samsung will finally officially sell the Galaxy Note 7 in the UK and Europe from 28 October. That’s as long as safe shipments have arrived and all replacement devices have been issued by then.

After month-long delays, the Galaxy phablet will hit the UK in around four weeks’ time.

Note 7 – Samsung’s hottest handset

The ill-fated handset was subject to a global recall at the beginning of September. It has now finally been re-approved for sale. There is the small caveat that this all depends on the “full completion of the exchange program”.

Samsung halted sales of the Galaxy Note 7 on September 2nd following an internal investigation uncovered a serious battery flaw. You may have read that this ‘flaw’ caused some users’ handsets to spontaneously combust!

samsung galaxy note 7 phabletSince then, Samsung has been hard at work prompting users to bring their phones in-store for replacement. A move that appears to be paying off.

What owners should do

If you own one of these devices you should have already received a notification warning you that you need to exchange your phone. Samsung has also rolled out a software update that resets the maximum battery charge of the phone to 60%, to lower the risk of overheating.

If you’ve got a Note 7, you can take it back to the retailer you purchased it from for a full exchange.

Since the replacement programme began last week, 57% of European Note 7s have been exchanged. And around 90% of customers chose another Note 7.